Board Care

Caring for your Charcuterie or End Grain Cutting Board

Carefully scrape off remaining food with a scraper or spatula and clean with mild soap and warm water. While doing this be mindful to not soak with board in water or leave under continuous running water. This can cause the natural fibers of the wood to soak up the water and the board can crack and/or warp. Once the board is clean, dry it completely with a towel and set it on its end in a dishrack to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate evenly.

Things to avoid: Do not ever place the board in the dishwasher, soak it in water, place near direct heat, or treat with organic oils like olive or vegetable oil, as they will go rancid. 

Board Maintenance

Your board will arrive oiled and waxed so it can be used right away. Oil your board once a month unless your are frequently using it notice it becoming dry to the touch. Oiling the board saturates the wood fibers and the wax creates a physical barrier on the surface protecting against stains and liquids.

An oil and wax brand we love! - Walrus Oil

We suggest purchasing the Walrus Oil Cutting Board Care Kit for you Charcuterie and End Grain Cutting Boards. The kit contains oil, wax and a buffing cloth. 

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